First Post

Time to start my long neglected web presence.

My name is Andrew Sullivan Cant. I am a software developer living and working in Kitchener-Waterloo.

I am an avid user of free and open source software and involved with various Free/Open software groups in area. This website is going to be a place to tie together my various points of presence on the web, and to start publishing some of the things that I am experimenting with.

Experiment #1: I am publishing this homepage using the ikiwiki wiki compiler. From ikiwiki's website:

Ikiwiki is a wiki compiler. It converts wiki pages into HTML pages suitable for publishing on a website. Ikiwiki stores pages and history in a revision control system such as Subversion or Git. There are many other features, including support for blogging, as well as a large array of plugins.

I am still learning ikiwiki's features and how to arrange things to my liking. So expect changes for the moment.

Finally, the site also gives me a place to put my resume. If you are an employer in the KW area looking for a programmer who likes to solve problems by integrating and extending open source software please contact me at