Notes for KWLUG December 2015: GNUSocial

Bob Jonkman presented on GNUSocial at the KWLUG on December 7 2015 meeting. These are some of my notes from the night, mostly on topic:

  • during the intro Jeff mentioned that Let's Encrypt has gone into beta and he installed it on some of his own servers
  • GNUSocial is implementing various OStatus protocols
  • is there a GNUSocial docker image?
  • can WebFinger or OpenId be implemented on a static web site?
  • various options for publishing avatar images
  • Evan Podromo the creator of, which became StatusNet, which has now been folded into GNUSocial
    • he also started the service
    • what is he working on at the moment? is company E14N is still operating
  • Bob showed off the poll type post in GNUSocial, had anyone defined a poll microformat for IndieWeb?
  • Bob was asking about whether there was any interested in setting up a GnuSocial server for KWLUG
    • what would we do with it, and how many of use would participate?
    • would CCJClearLine be willing to host this, in addition to the regular website?
    • would one of the one-time cost CloudAtCost servers work for this?
  • there are other clients which can communicate with GNUSocial 2 were mentioned: