Notes for KWLUG June 2016: RaspberryPi

Omar and Khalid Baheyeldin presenting about using the RaspberryPi at KWLUG on June 6 2016. Omar described his Pi based plant watering project, and Khalid reviewed the new RaspberryPi 3

Omar presents his Automated Plant Watering project

  • built a automated planter watering project as part of his schools science fair
  • moisture sensor + MCP3008 ADC to connection to the GPIO header
  • consider using a monitoring/controlling services
    • but the data would be sent by email, which was not responsive enough
    • and connecting to the service would not work through his schools firewall
  • Omar also needed to supply his only wireless network, as the school's network would not pass his traffic, and we were able to connect to his router to see the graphs the device was generating
  • used an LED and an electro-relay to demonstrate how the valve would be controlled
  • demonstrated the data collection just by touching the moisture sensor
  • software used

Khalid's Review of the RaspberryPi 3

  • using the CanaKit Ultimate starter kit
  • RaspberryPi 2, which is supported in Debian
  • RaspberryPi 3, now 64-bit and has integrated WiFi and Bluetooth LE
  • RaspberryPi 3 still has proprietary boot loader, network and GPU
  • Khalid uses Raspian but there are lost of other OSes to choose from
  • Weather Forecaster project
    • bottle web server
    • pywapi, and he had to fix a bug in the process
  • Internet Radio
    • mopidy
    • can control through a variety of clients (e.g., ncmpc, mpdroid
    • tried an IR remote but the one he bought would not work
    • kodi, formerly XMBC
    • not headless, need a screen to navigate
    • but one a stream is selected you can start and stop without looking
  • investigating the OpenHab home automation project