School Resource Officers in Waterloo Region

In 2020 Waterloo Region District School Board(WRDSB) started a review of its School Resource Officer program. This page is going to try and collect information about that program, as well as keeping track of the timeline. It focus on will the WRDSB, but also collect more general information about SRO programs in other places.


  • where are the SRO agreement with the boards?
  • do the other Regional boards have SRO programs, and what is their state
  • when exactly did the programs start? (WRDSB program is about 20 years old?)
  • what discussions and votes have been taken about the program?
    • find the existing published data
    • consider if there is more information to be filled in with Access to Information requests
  • how much does it cost?
  • did any current trustees participate? (Mike Ramsay seems to have been a trustee for most or all of the program)
  • is it possible to correlate police data with SRO activity
  • what is the history of other services in schools, nurses, counsellors, etc.



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