Waterloo FLOSS Club

Organize regular events in Waterloo region to contribute to open source projects. This can include volunteer events and helping companies organize time for their employees to contribute.

Ways to contribute

  • fixing bugs
  • updating documentation
  • translating documentation
  • adding features
  • helping to improve resumes
  • triage existing issues
    • clarify the report or create test case
    • reproduce the error in your own environment
    • report that an issue has been resolved
  • add screenshots to repositories
  • fix Linux kernel drivers for hardware someone has

Free Culture/Open Data contributions

If you do not want to program, you can contribute to FLOSS projects with documentation, translation, or reproducing user facing bugs. You could also contributed to some non-software free and open projects:


List of projects that need help

Guidelines from specific projects

Similar Events and Projects

Sources of Fundings/Grants